eNanny Smart IP Camera helps you stay connected to your loved ones when you are not at home. eNanny smart IP camera lets you watch, talk and monitor your child from anywhere using your Smartphone/Computer/Tablet. eNanny Camera is also great to keep an eye on your beloved pets when you're away. The eNanny video monitoring system is a simple, affordable and flexible choice for small business surveillance, or to augment an existing security system. In minutes you’ll be able to have a video monitoring system set up that can viewed remotely on your Smartphone, tablet or computer.
We've created Apps for both iOS and Android. Please check downloads page to get instructions on how to download Apps on your Smart Phone.
Yes. eNanny Camera is wireless and cables free! No need for annoying cables when you use eNanny Smart Camera. It will stream directly to your SmartPhone/Tablet/Computer.
Yes. Installing eNanny Camera is quick and easy. To learn more, Please download our user manual and follow the steps.
Yes. All connections between eNanny Cameras and your device is encryped.
Yes. eNanny exclusive 6 Zones motion detection algorithm, has the lowest false alarm rate, and the most highest alarm accuracy rate. As long as there appear suspects in the monitoring area, the camera will alarm and take video, send alarm pictures to your email.